Android Market Unofficially Surpasses 200,000 Apps

Android Market Unofficially Surpasses 200,000 Apps

According to statistics collated by third-party Android Market tracking service AndroLib, the Android Market has unofficially surpassed 200,000 applications, doubling the number of apps on the marketplace in just two months.

In October, we reported on Google’s official tweet stating that the Android Market had 100,000 apps – it seems the continued growth of the platform has brought with it keen developer interest with an incredible number of apps available for the platform.

Compared to Apple’s App Store, the Android Market is still some way off – the App Store is thought to have over 300,000 applications available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The App Store is somewhat older than the Android Market but there are a huge number of Android devices accessing Google’s app marketplace, AndroLib puts the number of Android apps downloaded at 2.5 billion.

Microsoft’s marketplace, on the other hand, has just passed 5,000 apps in under two months.

Google has not confirmed the figures so we must reserve judgement as to whether the Android Market currently holds 200,000 applications, we expect Google would want to publicise the fact that its marketplace has surpassed that figure, hopefully it won’t be too long until it does.

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