How to track Santa online this Christmas Eve

How to track Santa online this Christmas Eve

In what is fast becoming a festive tradition of its own, Google has teamed up with NORAD to launch Santa Tracker for Christmas Eve.

As Father Christmas hops on his sleigh tomorrow night, you’re spoiled for choice if you want to follow his progress. Google has announced five ways of tracking the big man as he races around the globe.

  • NORAD Tracks Santa allows you to follow Father Christmas on a Google Map as he makes his way around this globe, including Santa Cams, set up to capture him as he travels.
  • If you want to add an extra dimension to your Santa-stalking, you can install a Google Earth plugin that will project his route onto the 3D globe software.
  • If you’re out and about, just search for “Santa” in the Google Maps for Mobile app if you have it, or visit the mobile version of the Santa Tracker site.
  • Santa Tracker’s YouTube channel promises to post videos of Pere Noel’s progress throughout the day.
  • NORAD will also be posting updates via Twitter and Facebook. It’s better that NORAD does it than Santa himself, we’d hate to see him pulled over by the cops for tweeting while driving.

This is the sixth year running that Google has worked with NORAD on Santa Tracker, a tradition which started as an employee “20% time” project and became an official Google endeavour from 2007.

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