UK Non-profits Get Google Checkout Donate Buttons

UK Non-profits Get Google Checkout Donate Buttons

Google has announced a new feature on for Google Checkout that will allow tax-exempt and non-profit organisations in the UK to embed donation buttons on their websites, offering some companies free processing until 2011.

Before today’s announcement, Google Checkout allowed US companies to solicit donations using the service. Now that the tool is available in the UK, users will be able to sign in with their Google account to make a donation, using Google’s streamlined service.

If an organisation belongs to Google Grants, the search giant will process any donations for free until 2011. If a company isn’t signed up to the service, it will still be able to take advantage of the low processing fees offered.

To start using the feature, UK organisations must make sure their accounts are set to “Non-profit”. From there, they will be able to navigate into their Google Settings, select the Checkout option and find a section devoted to embedding Donate buttons onto a website.

Google has also enabled donors to select whether they wish to give using Gift Aid whilst making a purchase, increasing their donations to UK non-profits at the same time.

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