The Chrome Web Store Is Live!

The Chrome Web Store Is Live!

We’ve waited, and now it’s here. The Chrome Web Store is now live.

First off, we have to say that it looks a lot like iTunes. A lot. There are featured, popular and even top sections for each category, as well as Staff Picks and a breakdown by extensions, applications and more. A huge congratulations goes out to our friends at Sliderocket for being a top Staff Pick, as well!

What else are we seeing? It looks like there are some great games, of course Seesmic pops up in the list of applications, and we even have live applications from Gilt, the New York Times and HootSuite. We’re continuing to look through the applications, but the initial 500 offerings are really strong.

There’s an interesting section that we find handy, as well. The team has put together a Getting Started section that gives you some great options for photo editing, communication, reading and even games. Make sure to stop by and check it out, as well. We’re compiling our list, and we’ll let you know what we find to be awesome.

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