How To: Get a Chrome OS Notebook

How To: Get a Chrome OS Notebook

Are you as excited as us? You bet you are! If you want in on the huge swarm of people to whom Google will be sending out the Chrome OS test devices, there’s only one way to do so as the general public. You’ll need to head to and join the fray.

It’s a fairly straightforward process, but you’ll want to have 5 minutes to spare. Google will ask you questions about how you use programs today, what hardware you use and even whether or not you have a darkroom in your attic. At the end, though, you’ll be entered to have a Chrome notebook of your very own.

Alternately, you can head to the Google Chrome YouTube page. There, you can submit a video to the Google Chrome Notebook team, explaining why you need a Chrome OS Notebook. This, of course, should add to the fun factor to see what people come up with.

Once you’re done, what will you get? One of these beauties:

It’s small, at 12.1″. It’s black. IT HAS NO CAPS LOCK KEY. It’s completely unbranded and Google wants you to put it through its paces in your day-to-day use. Want the full details about the Chrome OS Notebook? You’ll need to take a gander at our other post here.

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