Google now offering worldwide usage stats for its Fonts API

Google now offering worldwide usage stats for its Fonts API

This is kind of cool – Google is now offering usage statistic for fonts in its Font Directory.

On the face of this it kind of sounds boring, but if you’re a webmaster, this could be an extremely useful tool, whether or not you actually use Google Fonts on your site. Stats are given for the last seven days and are based on fonts served up by the Google Fonts API, so the stats could very likely be skewed by larger sites using Google Fonts. Still, it’s pretty interesting to look at what fonts are popular around the web (and the world, as there is a Google Analytics type map view as well).

To view the new stats, you need to click on the font you want to look at, then click the “Info” link. Google now allows you to sort fonts in the directory by popularity. Over the last week, the font Droid Sans has been the most popular as it was served over 35 million times. Conversely, the font Cousine was only served less than 6,000 times in the last week.

If you’re building a website or are font obsessed (trust us, some people are) then this should be a good resource for you moving forward.

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