Paychecks: Google’s Great but Facebook’s Fantastic

Paychecks:  Google’s Great but Facebook’s Fantastic

It’s no secret that working for Google is considered tech nirvana for many engineers, especially with recent reports of Google giving all of their employees large pay hikes.  However, according to one website, they are by no means the best in class employer when it comes to pay. allows employees of any company to anonymously submit their salary details, from which their analysts can build comparison data about employers.  In a recent update, brought to our attention by CNBC, Facebook now tops the list in tech salaries with Google coming a poor (?) fifth behind Cisco, Yahoo! and Apple.

When average bonuses are added to the salary values, Google’s $120,178 still manages a close second to Facebook’s $122,400.

The following table shows the results for Software Engineers.

Company Avg. Salary Bonuses
AOL 88,801 5,233
Apple 99,127 8,175
Cisco 105,720 8,529
eBay 88,916 6,773
Facebook 110,500 11,900
Google 98,814 21,364
Hewlett-Packard 85,568 5,550
Intel 87,450 8,048
Intuit 79,765 9,339
Oracle 92,479 6,000
Yahoo 101,638 6,197

Glassdoor also asks its respondents to rate their employer.  Once again, Facebook is a clear winner with 4.6 out of 5 compared to Google’s second place of 3.9.

I wonder if the recent rises mentioned at the top of the article will change that assessment in any way…

What do you think?  Do you work for Google, Facebook or any of the other companies mentioned in the table above?  Let us know in the comments section below.

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