Google Wave content can now be exported as a Zip file

Google Wave content can now be exported as a Zip file

If you were one of the brave few that spent hours upon hours building “Waves” in Google Wave, and were hoping for a way to get your Waves out of the service before Google completely shut it down, probably at the beginning of next year, then you’re in luck: as of today you can now export Waves to a Zip file.

Google says that;

This feature is useful if you have a few waves that you want to export. We are aiming to have a export method for those that have a lot of waves, and will let you know when that’s available.

So for those super-Wave-power-users out there, you might need to wait for a better solution. That said, Google also mentions that it is, “working on ways for you to access waves through Google Docs and we hope to share more on our progress soon,” which is intriguing. Is Google looking for a way to integrate some kind of Wave-like functionality into Google Docs or is this simply a Wave-to-.doc conversion project? We’ll have to wait and see.

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