Google now offers an API console, new APIs for developers

Google now offers an API console, new APIs for developers

Google has introduced a new API console today that allows developers to “manage your API usage across all of your sites and apps.”

The console will start with six APIs and that “will grow rapidly over time” according to the Google Code blog. Features that the console offers to developers include:

  • Log in with your Google account to see the API projects you’re working on.
  • Create and manage project teams for projects that are shared with your co-workers or friends.
  • Get developer credentials to track exactly how you are using each API.
  • View information about how your site or app is using the APIs, including which of your pages are making the most requests.

Google has also announced that it has a new Translate API and a new Google Custom Search API which replaces the Web Search API (which, along with the Local Search API and the old Translate API are being phased out). The new enhanced Custom Search API includes both Atom and JSON syndication, in addition to the Custom Search element and the XML API.

Google also said today that it is approaching 100 “tools, products, and APIs” for developers and that it is “just getting warmed up” with the number of future services it plans to offer.

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