Google adds “Stores” and “Types” to related searches just in time for the holidays

Google adds “Stores” and “Types” to related searches just in time for the holidays ...

Google rolled out a couple of new “Related searches” categories, adding “Stores” and “Types” to the already previously seen “Brands”. Take a look at the screenshot below to see what we’re talking about (right under the HP ad):

Now, we used “computers” as our search term for a very specific reason: we wanted to show you how Google is starting take over your shopping experience when you search now. Take a close look at that screenshot above – see what we mean?

After the changes Google made with Places search the other day – which among other things puts the map in a better position on general searches, and with “Related searches” changes, it’s pretty clear that Google is really aiming really not only condense everything you need above the fold of the screen, but also to kind of act somewhat like sites like New Egg  (which you’ll notice at the bottom of the screenshot), by putting all of your quick-hit shopping needs right there at your fingertips.

Of course, it’s no coincidence that Google put the Places icon right above the Shopping icon on the left-hand navigation – Shopping and Places go hand-in-hand, and we expect they’ll continue to do going forward (along with mobile).

One interesting note: when you click on “Stores” Google serves up that store as the top result and gets rid of the other “Related searches”. However, when you click “Types” the next page that Google serves contains both “Brands” and “Stores” like below:

Update: Google got back to us and correctly said that it launched this last week, but it seemingly went under our and everyone else’s radar. Here’s the blog post talking about the changes.

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