Google Open Sources Liquid Galaxy immersive environment.

Google Open Sources Liquid Galaxy immersive environment.

Google, in December, unveiled what they referred to as an “immersive Google Earth environment, Liquid Galaxy.”

Liquid Galaxy is comprised of eight 55-inch LCD screens showing Google Earth in a unified, surround view.

Today Google has made Liquid Galaxy available to all because, as they put it:

“Not everyone will have the know-how to network computers together and get view synchronization working, but we tried to make it as easy as possible. If you think you’re up to the challenge, check out our Quick Start page. You can also contact our supplier End Point if you’d rather buy than build (or just need some professional assistance).”

To see the amazing features of Liquid Galaxy in action, check out this video:

Now Liquid Galaxy has been open sourced, and according to Google, “can run more than just Google Earth; we’ve had success playing video in sync in our Liquid Galaxies, and even modified a Free Software video game for after-hours fun.”

I am certainly not up to the challenge, and further, don’t have the funds to buy anything from their suppliers.  That said, if you are, Google encourages you to show off your creations in the liquid-galaxy discussion group.  Will you?

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