Placing your bets on Google TV? Here’s the spread.

Placing your bets on Google TV? Here’s the spread.

It’s an interesting world, this Internet. Apparently you can now place a wager on anything, and people do just that. has put its knowledge to the test by placing some lines on upcoming Google products.

According to the lines, it appears that Google TV will  be more expensive (not surprising), yet immediately more successful (somewhat surprising) than the recent Apple TV offering.

As for the rest of the details? Here’s what YouWager had to say:

Will Google TV cost more than Apple TV ($99)?

Yes 66.7% (-200)
No 50% (+100)

Launching this fall, will the Google TV sales exceed 100,000 by January to surpass the Apple TV launch sales figures?

Yes 75.2% (-300)
No 33.3% (+200)

Will Samsung join Sony and Logitech in offering sets with Google built in before January 2011?

Yes 75.2% (-300)
No 33.3% (+200)

Will Google announce its rumored Google Me social network before year end?

Yes 83.3% (-500)
No 25% (+300)

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