Miss a Google Voice call? You’ll now see it in Gmail

Miss a Google Voice call? You’ll now see it in Gmail

As we said earlier today, Google continues to innovate with Gmail, today not only adding OpenID signup for Yahoo! users, but also adding over the weekend the ability to find out about missed calls to your Google Voice number as a notification directly in you Gmail inbox.

Now when you miss a call to your Google Voice number (if you don’t have one yet, you should – its completely free) you have have the option to either see a notification in your Google Voice inbox or have an email notification sent to your Gmail. One thing that isn’t yet clear is whether Gmail users will see a notification directly integrated into the “Call” interface of Gmail. We’ve emailed Google for clarification on this.

Can Google keep up this pace of rapid innovation in Gmail? If so, Gmail/Google Voice could quickly become something that very few people can live without. Expect Google to certainly play that up when, as we suspect, they make a giant media push around Google Voice.

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