Google announces new Google Mobile YouTube Channel

Google announces new Google Mobile YouTube Channel

In order to further highlight how important mobile is to Google (as if we hadn’t already noticed), Google has officially announced its new Google Mobile YouTube Channel. While Google announced the channel just now, it has apparently been live for a short time already.

The channel features a Rubik’s-Cube-like video box that lets you rotate it to find new videos in “3D”. The videos are all about how to use Google on your mobile phone, be it an Android device or not.

According to the Google Mobile Blog:

“In our channel’s “featured” section, we highlight some of our mobile search capabilities — like search by voice, sight, and location — that really help you take advantage of your phone’s unique technology. Since we understand that these represent new modes of searching for many of you, we’re going to launch some new videos that help illustrate the variety of practical and fun ways that you can use these features.”

The channel allows visitors to sort videos by mobile platform or by mobile app, and has improved sharing features, and replaces a previous channel (Google notes that you’ll have to subscribe again to the new channel, i.e. subscriptions won’t be carried over).

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