Gmail and Google Calendar push notifications come to the iPhone

Gmail and Google Calendar push notifications come to the iPhone

Google Mobile App for the iPhone has just received a significant update bringing push notifications for Gmail and Google calendar to your mobile. Get your hands on it here (update: According to Google the update may not immediately available, keep checking).

The significance here is that you don’t even need to use the iPhone’s mail client. Everything’s web based, just as Google wants it. It’s a smart way for google to maintain its focus on web apps yet ensuring users are able to get local notifications on their phone in real time.

Gmail users, will you stick to your local iPhone Mail App or shift loyalty to Gmail’s mobile gmail web app? Personally, if there’s one thing holding me back from using Gmail’s mobile Gmail web client, it’s the inability to send from the multiple addresses.

Gmail now lets you import .ics events directly to Google Calendar.

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