Gmail’s “Undo Send” will now let you “undo” up to 30 seconds later.

Gmail’s “Undo Send” will now let you “undo” up to 30 seconds later.

When Google introduced its Gmail Labs plugin Undo Send some months back, little did I know it would save my professional life on at least a dozen occasions. It did have a limitation however, you only had up to 5 seconds to change your mind – clearly not enough time.

A month ago, it improved the feature to allow you to send up to 20 seconds later. Today, Google Operating System points out that you can “undo Ssnd” (or really just “cancel sending”) 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds after – nifty. You’ll find the option in your Gmail Settings in the General tab.

We should note, with a Gmail plugin called Boomerang that we brought you news of last week, you can in fact send an email at any point in the future…putting this 30 seconds malarkey to shame.

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