Google Acquires Visual Shopping Platform

Google Acquires Visual Shopping Platform

Google has acquired visual shopping platform for an undisclosed amount. announced the acquisition on its homepage in a note written by CEO Munjal Shah.

Shah said that joining Google is “a way to supersize our vision and supercharge our passion.” Google has yet to put out a statement on the acquisition, but we have emailed them for comment.

UPDATE: Google responded in a email:

“We’re pleased and excited to welcome to Google, where they’ll work closely with our commerce team.  While will operate its websites separately in the near term, we’re excited about the technology they’ve built and the domain expertise they’ll bring to Google as we continue to work on building great e-commerce experiences for our users, advertisers and partners.”

It will be interesting to see how Google uses, but obviously, Bing has a very nice visual shopping engine as well.

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