Google sued by Oracle over Java in Android platform

Google sued by Oracle over Java in Android platform

Updated: See filing at bottom of post.

So far we have very little information about this, but you can be assured that we’ll keep you updated. According to Reuters, Google is being sued by Oracle for Google’s use of the Java platform within Android.

In a statement from Oracle spokesperson Karen Tillman, Google is accused of having “knowingly, directly and repeatedly infringed Oracle’s Java-related intellectual property”. In view of this, the “lawsuit seeks appropriate remedies”.

Given Google’s massive push into the smartphone market via Android, it’s not surprising to start seeing suits like this appear.

For those not familiar, Oracle purchased Sun Microsystems (the Java creator) in January of this year. The purchase, of course, gives Oracle full rights to the intellectual property of Java and its implementation.

We’ve managed to get our hands onto the full filing. It’s an interesting read, as Oracle seems to be aiming both barrels directly at Google:

Oracle’s complaint against Google for Java patent infringement

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