Google Launches Chrome To Phone, Send Links From Your Computer To Your Android!

Google Launches Chrome To Phone, Send Links From Your Computer To Your Android!

Have an iPhone and hate to be left out of all the fun? There is a  great indie application called PasteFire that does quite a bit of what Chrome to Phone does. Check out our review here.

Google has just rolled out an innovative new Chrome extension called “Chrome to Phone” that allows you to send ‘links and information’ from your computer running Chrome to your Android phone. You will also need to download the Chrome to Phone application for your phone, which you can find in the usual places.

Sending the information is quick, and once you have sent something to your phone it will automatically open the app, or browser to handle the request. Send a phone number, for example, and your phone will launch the dialer. Google has made it very frictionless to connect your smartphone and desktop in a new way.

Think about it, never again will you have to email yourself a link, download the email, then load the browser. That works over WiFi quickly, but over a slower data network it can be painful. With Chrome to Phone you can skip all the steps and get right to what you want to do.

You can send a web page, map, video, or phone number using the extension to your mobile. Download the Chrome to Phone extension here. This is an excellent example of Google using its massive, multiplatform reach to leverage its products and make them more useful.

Google, as they always do, has prepared a short video giving a very good visual run through of the product:

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