YouTube improves “My Videos” page, adds 360p webcam uploads

YouTube improves “My Videos” page, adds 360p webcam uploads

A number of recent feature updates were listed on the official YouTube blog today, including changes that we’ve previously reported such as YouTube Music, HTML 5 embedding and auto-sharing with Buzz. There are also a few new announcements, including an updated “My Videos” page, 360p webcam uploads, a new “Playlist Bar”, and changes to how annotations look.

The “My Videos” page updates include, “options to sort your videos alphabetically, by length, by recency and by views. You can also browse the content you’ve viewed, purchased and liked, and there’s access right here to Insight and Promoted Videos information (to the right of “Edit” button),” according to the post.

The “Playlist Bar” is designed to keep you on the same page while at the same time helping you discover new videos to watch next. YouTube explains it like this:

“when you view a playlist, recommended videos (from the homepage), your subscriptions or your favorites, you’ll see a control bar at the bottom of the page, displaying the videos from those categories. The goal is to keep you from having to jumping back and forth to different pages to select which videos you’d like to watch next. Autoplay (which is no longer on by default) and the ability to select specific videos from your playlists without ever leaving the page are intended to make your viewing experience more seamless.”

Annotations have made fully transparent, with a a half-transparent black as the default color – replacing red as the default – and the position of the annotations on the video has also changed.

Finally, webcam video uploads now support 360p (so high quality not HD).

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