The many ways to make a pun on the demise of Google Wave

The many ways to make a pun on the demise of Google Wave

If you haven’t heard already, Google has announced that it will no longer do development on Google Wave, and may shutter the entire service by the end of the year.

Awhile ago – on the one-year anniversary of Google Wave being announced at Google I/O in 2009 (there won’t be a second birthday we’re guessing) – we asked “Will anybody show up to the party?“, where we basically argued that Google is a business and if Google Wave wasn’t catching on, they needed to make a change. Now we have our definitive answer to what that change is.

But that aside, we thought we’d lighten up the whole story a bit by sharing with you some of the many ways that news services and blogs like us have used puns and other cleaver phrases to break the news of this service’s demise. Here are some of our favorites (links can be found on the Official Google Blog):

  • Opportunity Cost – Google Wave is heading to the dead pool
  • Google Wave DEAD: Google Kills Its ‘Email Killer’
  • Google Wave Fades Into The Dusk
  • Google Waves Goodbye – Has the tide gone out for Google Wave
  • Wave Goodbye to Google Wave
  • Google Wave flatlines
  • Because I said so: Google Wave is dead
  • Google Waves Goodbye to Wave
  • Google sinks its collaboration tool Wave
  • Wave good-bye to Google Wave
  • Google Wave’s Ripple Now Still Waters


  • Google says goodbye to Google Wave.

…and our favorite:

  • Google Wave fails to cause a splash

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