Google’s multiple account sign-in is finally here!

Google’s multiple account sign-in is finally here!

A few weeks ago we told you about Google testing out multiple-account sign-ins with some users. Today, it goes live for the rest of us.

Multiple account sign-in will allow you to more easily handle multiple Google accounts via a single browser. Previously, the easiest manner to sign into different accounts was to use a different browser for each, so that you could be signed on concurrently.

According to some information on Google Operating System, multiple sign-in should now appear in your Google Accounts page. I’ve just checked my own, and don’t have the options yet, but if you do it will look like this:

There are, apparently, some caveats to the multiple sign-in structure. According to Google, it is limited to the following, though we are promised that Docs is coming soon:

  • App Engine
  • Code
  • Calendar
  • Gmail
  • Reader
  • Sites
  • Voice

So how does it work? Apparently, once you’ve signed up, you’ll start seeing a dropdown menu that will allow you to choose a different account, without signing out of the first. Google OS notes that each account, also, is given its own identifying number in the URL.

Do you have the update yet? Drop us a note and let us know how it works!

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