Forgetful? Google helps by bringing search history to mobile.

Forgetful? Google helps by bringing search history to mobile.

Ever been browsing around the Interwebs and wondered how you got where you are? Sure, browser history can be a great thing, but it can get convoluted really quickly. If only Google offered some sort of search history…

Oh, that’s right. As of today, it does!

Though Google is touting the search history function on the mobile platform, it’s worthy to note that it should work from any browser, whether mobile or desktop. You’ll need to check your Google Account to make sure that you have search history enabled, but if you do, you’ll find the History link right at the bottom of your Google page.

On top of viewing your history, you’ll also have the ability to drop sites from it, as well as browsing through sites that you’ve starred, no matter from where. The feature is US-only, for now, but should move worldwide soon.

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