Chrome Sheds Market Share For First Time In 20 Months

Chrome Sheds Market Share For First Time In 20 Months

All good things must come to an end. Google’s Chrome browser did not grow last month, and instead lost market share to break a 20 month streak of gains.

The browser controlled 7.1% of the market in July of this year. The Chrome market share slip came on the back of expanding IE market share, due mostly to strong Windows 7 sales.

Chrome, since it launched, has been consuming market percentage points at a voracious rate. Chrome’s 7.1% is nearly a third of Firefox’s 22.9%. The total month over month decline for Chrome was a mere 0.1%.

Does Google need to worry about Chrome’s growth rate? Not for the moment. A one month dip could merely be a short break on the path to a brighter future. Even if the situation gets hairy, Google can open the floodgate and use its other properties to promote Chrome more heavily.

Google can bring people to Chrome if it wants to. However, if the company keeps pushing the technology envelope, Chrome should have no problem continuing its march up the market share graphs.

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