Google Voice Calling Just Got Faster

Google Voice Calling Just Got Faster

Google has upgraded its Google Voice Android and Blackberry apps in order to make calling through the service faster.  Google is calling the service “direct access calling.”

Basically, Google has changed the way that it processes calling requests (note, this is for outbound calls). Google explains it this way:

“[In the past the app] had to make a request to the Google Voice server every time you wanted to make a call to send us the phone number you wanted to dial. Then the call would be connected via a Google Voice access number. With direct access numbers, we assign a unique phone number to every person you call. This means that we no longer need to use your data network to access the server each time you make a call, so calls will be placed much faster.”

Good to have the explanation, but really the only thing that matters is that it should be faster. If it works as advertised, this is actually a pretty major upgrade , as we’ve noticed that calling through Google Voice does add time to the calling process, at least using Android.

Many people, of course, probably only use Google Voice as a hub number for their various phone numbers and/or for voicemail, but calling out from their Google Voice number is most likely something that Google wants more people to do, and this should help spur that a bit.

You can get the upgraded Android app in the Market and the Blackberry app by going to Of course, all of this is only available in the US.

How do you use Google Voice? Do you call out with it?

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