Google Buzz gets a firehose and 5 new partners.

Google Buzz gets a firehose and 5 new partners.

Google Buzz is that little engine that could, apparently.  As time goes on, the service gains popularity and users.  Ever since the release of the Buzz API, there has been a flood of requests to open up a Firehose feature for Buzz.

Today, that request gets granted.

According to the Google Code blog, the Firehose is launching with Collecta, Gnip, Superfeedr, OneRiot and Postrank Analytics as partners.  Developers and firehose subscribers will be able to see comments, likes and shared counts, on top of all activity.

I’ve had the chance to speak with OneRiot, and here’s what the company had to say about the partnership:

We’re using it to fuel our trending topics engine, realtime search results and realtime ad network. The addition of Google Buzz delivers a whole new set of conversations for us to process in realtime, bringing to the surface the topics that people across a much wider web are engaging with right now. These features start rolling out… today!

As Buzz gains more traction, we’re sure to see some interesting implementations both of the API and the new Firehose feature.  We’ll keep you updated as time goes on.

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