Google Maps gets direct integration with 20+ car brands.

Google Maps gets direct integration with 20+ car brands.

A few years ago, Google Maps started offering the service to “Send-To-Car” for BMW owners.  Since then, the service has grown exponentially.

In fact, according to the Google Lat Long blog, more than 20 brands now support the Send-To-Car option.  Combine that with Google’s free turn-by-turn directions over the Android platform and we are seeing a paradigm shift in the way that the navigation business is working.

The blog gives a pretty in depth list of the supported manufacturers, and its a list that appears to be growing pretty rapidly.  In the US alone, 15 brands are supported, with 18 other countries have support for their most popular brands as well.

While there are distinct advantages to a GPS-driven system, Google Maps can certainly fill a void for a number of drivers.  Fortunately for auto makers, this “value added” feature could also be a strong selling point.

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