Are Dell, Acer, And HP The First Chrome OS Partners?

Are Dell, Acer, And HP The First Chrome OS Partners?

Acer has long been wrapped up in rumor surrounding the forthcoming wave of Chrome OS tablets that are to be released this year. Recently implicated Dell and HP might just round off the first hardware partners that Google is planning to work with.

On the Chromium OS website, files were found that pointed to those three companies already having specific configurations for the operating system in place to allow for coding to meet those specifications. It could be nothing more than corporations covering their bases to allow for possible future work, but at the same time, this is just too much together to write it off as complete happenstance.

Look at the image, and decide for yourself:

What we want to see of course is a device from each company, and then a dozen more following from every manufacturer in the world. Chrome OS is still, even though I love my iPad, the future in my mind for mobile computing. Sign me up for one when they come out, I want the Dell version.

Story via VB and DS.

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