Google News quietly tests Sharing function.

Google News quietly tests Sharing function.

Hot on the heels of the Editors’ Picks release yesterday, Google has apparently started a slow roll out of another tested service on Google News: Sharing.

In typical Google fashion, some can see it and some can’t.  I’ll apologize in advance to Matt McGee at Search Engine Land for using his images, but neither of my Google Accounts has access yet.

So, if you can’t see the sharing function, your Google News page will look normal.  The shares ability isn’t highlighted, however, so you might look right over it if you have the access.

Head to Google News, and you’ll want to look for a dropdown box like this one.

That lovely box will give you sharing ability for Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, Google Reader and of course e-mail.  McGee also points out a new “News for You” section in the middle of the page that will let you further customize the news that you care about.

Here’s hoping I get this…and soon.

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