Wondered Where The New Gmail Chat Box Has Gone?

Wondered Where The New Gmail Chat Box Has Gone?

On Tuesday Google pushed live some new features to its Gmail chat interface, making it easier to chat, initate voice chats and group chat from your Google email inbox.

You might have enjoyed the new interface over the past couple of days only to discover the chat interface had rolled back to its previous state. Don’t worry, there’s not a problem with your Gmail account, it’s actually an error on Google’s part.

Josh Teague, writing in an updated blog post yesterday said:

Bad news: we discovered an issue with the new chat design that impacted a small number of Google Apps users. Rather than have them experience problems with chat, we’ve pulled back this change to fix it. We plan to have this out again in the next week or so — thanks for bearing with us.

We imagine it will resurface soon so don’t destroy your Gmail account trying to figure out a way to re-enable it.

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