Kiss and tell. Couple’s first kiss caught on Google Street View.

Kiss and tell.  Couple’s first kiss caught on Google Street View.

We’ve all seen the sites dedicated to the odd things that Google Street View pics up.  From fights to theft to car crashes, there’s a myriad of often-gruesome images.

This time, we have one that’s a bit different.  Let’s set the stage for you:

Eddie Bateman and his girlfrield Hayley Moss were out on a lovely afternoon, laying in the grass.  After having spent some time together that day, the young gentleman rolls to his side and plants a kiss on his lady…right as the Google Street View car passes.

According to Moss:

“I couldn’t believe it, I wouldn’t admit to it being me at first, as I was worried it looked quite bad, as it looks more than it is, but it really was just a kiss.”

So much for sneaking off eh?  The couple had been attempting to hide from friends and family, as they had only just started seeing one another.  Not having any way to go anywhere, after walking to meet up with one another, the two took in a simple delight of just spending time together in the grass.

As for the reaction from the parents?  Moss adds “mum saw the funny side of it”.

We do too, Hayley.  Here’s wishing the both of you all the best.

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