Facebook via Android; it’s a lot bigger than you think.

Facebook via Android; it’s a lot bigger than you think.

From the iPhone side of the world, we’re often told that “nobody” cares about Android.  However, numbers don’t lie and the most recent numbers from Facebook are pretty telling.

In a funny twist, Facebook for Android has been getting some heat lately, showing that there are only 68 active users of the application.  That’s been stirring the fire at the iPhone fanboy camp, for sure.

Facebook, however, confirms that there are over 7 million users between the Facebook for Android application, as well as the HTC Sense Facebook app.  Maybe that 68 should have been 6.8 million, eh?

So 68 or 6.8, why does it matter?  Well, according to Inside Facebook, it matters a lot because mobile user numbers often have to  be estimated.  When we see a better look at true Android user numbers, an Android SDK for Facebook makes a lot more sense.

Oh, and why does Facebook care?  Because according to data gleaned from the HTC Sense application, Android users spend more time than any other mobile user, on Facebook.

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