How to: Enable Google Maps preview in Gmail

How to: Enable Google Maps preview in Gmail

Gotta love that Gmail team.  As if it were possible for Gmail to be any more useful, it just happened.  Ever been invited to somewhere, only to have to open up another Chrome tab to pick up the Google Map for it?  No longer.

Head over to your Gmail, and hop into the Gmail Labs (it’s under the Settings link if you’re not familiar).  Scroll down through the Labs until you see Google Maps previews in Gmail, then click Enable.

Doesn’t get much easier, eh?  According to the Gmail Blog, there are a couple of restrictions:

“…any time you receive an address or a Google Maps link in an email, a preview will appear containing an interactive Google Map of that location. Any Google Maps URL will work, but we currently only extract US addresses (we’re working on making addresses around the world work).”

Oh!  And if you’re a Buzz fan, now when you post a Google Maps link into Buzz, a preview will appear.  Nifty, eh?

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