Ford Sync brings Google Maps to your car.

Ford Sync brings Google Maps to your car.

I’m a fan of Ford Motor Company.  Though I’m not always the biggest fan of their vehicles, I do respect the fact that while the US auto industry was waving from the toilet, Ford was maintaining.  I’m also a firm believer that a big part of the reason for Ford’s success is the company’s innate understanding of technology.

The newest offering is Google Maps, via Microsoft Sync.

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According to a press release from Ford, the new system will allow you to pull Googl Maps information off of your Bluetooth phone, and have it spoken to you over the car’s Sync system.  Sure you could use your own GPS, but this is extremely handy if you’ve just been emailed something with an address in it, as we covered yesterday.

Beyond pulling from your phone, you’ll also be able to send Maps information directly to your Sync system from the Google Maps website.  Who needs a printer?

Sync is available on 14 Ford models in the US, and has applications in the Android Market as well as Apple’s App Store.  The new Google Maps option joins Ford’s other release for MapQuest, which will launch later in 2010.

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