“Normal email” option coming to Gmail.

“Normal email” option coming to Gmail.

Business Insider has laid out the news that Google will finally be answering some users’ prayers.

I’m personally a huge fan of the “conversations” style of threading in Gmail.  I find it to be better for workflow.  However, some users (I’m going to take a guess and say that people who have used Outlook for years) find it horribly difficult to deal with, and blame it for their missing of messages.

Google, after a recent shift in leadership for Gmail, will be answering the call of those users.  Vic Gundotra, former VP of Engineering for Google, has taken the reigns at Gmail and says that Google should have answer the call sooner.

Look for “normal” options for Gmail to come in the next few months.  Will you switch?  Or are you, like me, simply too addicted to Gmail conversations to ever go back?

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