Searching With Google On Your Mobile? Expect To See Apps In Your Results

Searching With Google On Your Mobile? Expect To See Apps In Your Results

Google is working hard to be the best search engine on the go, and today is tweaking their algorithms to include applications in their mobile results. If you use an iPhone or Android device, for certain search terms Google will now offer you an application to download along with your regular search results.

Currently this is a US only capability, but Google has highlighted their commitment to bring the feature to ‘other countries’ in the future. Also planned is an expansion to other devices. However, for now, only iPhone and Android users in the US will have the ability.

Assuming that Google does a reasonable job of discovering when you should be served an application in your results, it still leaves the question as to exactly what application you should be offered. Google, in its examples, listed two dead simple scenarios: searching for ‘download shazam,’ and ‘bank of America app.’ For those queries, the answer is simple, but what happens when a user searches for ‘poker mobile app,’ or ‘best rss app?’

Google could perhaps pick the best selling application, or even the highest rated application, but that would seem to favor older, more established applications, over newer apps that may in fact be better. Google claims that it will only serve suggestions when a “well-rated apps are found.” That leaves room for interpretation.

That aside, getting your application into the Google results could result in a deluge of downloads, and therefore a possible shower of cash. How long until ‘SEO experts’ begin hawking their skills at getting your application listed?

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