Google acquires Invite Media, now offers in-company ad exchange navigation.

Google acquires Invite Media, now offers in-company ad exchange navigation.

Choices.  That seems to be the word of the moment for Google.  All Things D is reporting that Google has acquired 3 year old ad startup Invite Media for an as-of-yet undisclosed sum.

The All Things D article makes some interesting points about the acquisition, stating that Google will leave Invite Media to run on its own legs for the time being.  The reasoning behind this is to provide more choices for advertisers.

Invite Media’s specialty is helping advertisers to wade through the sea of ad exchanges, and to find the best solution.  With Google’s acquisition, this will allow GOOG to have an in-house navigator for its own exchange, as well as maintaining relationships with Yahoo, Microsoft and OpenX as well.

Rumors put the purchase price at around $70 mm, but Google has so far declined to comment.

What will this mean to advertisers?  Now, when you’re trying to figure out who is the best option for advertising exchange, Google should be a “one-stop shop”.  Since Invite Media will be working with, but not for Google, the company should show a lack of bias toward Google products versus other offerings.

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