Real-time feeds coming to the browser? Google says yes. [Video]

Real-time feeds coming to the browser?  Google says yes. [Video]

Oh hidden videos, how we love you dearly.  The latest is one from Google, not listed in the public directory.  It features probably one of the coolest things any of us have seen in a while, as long as you understand what is possible with it.

The Google Feed API is used all over the Internet.  It’s nearly standard.  However, wouldn’t it be even better if you could take that API and publish information in real-time to the display of your site?  Instead of refreshing, the information would simply appear for the reader, sans effort.

This is exactly what the 2.0 version of the API will do, via real time PubSubHubbub feeds.   Take a look at the video for a more “real world” explanation:

Are we seeing a sneak peek of what might be announced at I/O?  It’s highly likely.  Google is known to throw in some fantastic toys during its conferences, and this could very well shape up to be one of them.

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