GM & Google Negotiating Android-OnStar Sync Partnership

GM & Google Negotiating Android-OnStar Sync Partnership

Motor Trend is reporting that car manufacturer GM and Google are working on a partnership that will allow Android-powered smartphones to sync with OnStar equipped GM cars.

While the partnership is not finalized yet and technical details therefore aren’t available, there are lots of ways that an Android phone could dramatically improve the driving experience if it was synced into a vechile. For one, Google Maps, Earth and all the other navigation features Google offers would obviously be the top priority.

But you could do so much more theoretically from your phone. You could start the car. You could sync with Pandora. You could use Google Voice. You could sync your Google Calendar with navigation so that the car knows exactly where you have to be next (assuming you’ve entered time/date and address into the appointment). The list is really nearly endless.

While Ford has sync as well, it’s the much more limited Microsoft variety (could change with Windows 7 Phone, who knows). Right now, however, this is just a rumor, and Motor Trend believes that we won’t hear confirmation of this (if at all) until early 2011 at the earliest. However, if you are a GM fan, just another reason to get an Android phone (doubt it works the other way around, however).

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