Google Apps enterprise accounts will work with all Google services this fall

Google Apps enterprise accounts will work with all Google services this fall

Google Apps enterprise customers are going to get a welcome opening up of all Google services in the fall, when Google will allow enterprise users to use any Google product from their enterprise account (i.e. they won’t have to log out and use their private account or keep two browsers open with different accounts).

According the Google Enterprise Blog, this is one the main requests from their clients, and it makes sense that professionals would find this rather annoying. Google’s Dennis Troper, Product Management Director for Google Apps who wrote the post explained it this way:

Later this year we’ll dramatically accelerate customer access to innovation, and give users the convenience of using any Google service allowed by their administrator from a single account affiliated with their organization.

For example, coworkers will be able to publish their organization’s blog on Blogger, share project images with Picasa Web Albums, track industry news in Google Reader, advertise online with AdWords and much more, all without switching back and forth between multiple accounts.

Of course, if you’ve ever worked in a “enterprise” environment before, all of this access is ultimately determined by the IT manager/s, so even after Google turns this on, we’d guess that many companies aren’t going to let all of their employees have full access to their much more social media focused apps (unless they are in the communications department).

Overall, however, this seems like it will engender good will among companies that are paying for the premium Google Apps, especially if Google can offer enterprise-level controls for IT managers (which we fully expect they would do). Obviously, Google continues to hope that Apps will allow them to chip away at Microsoft’s dominance in the enterprise world, though we imagine that Google would certainly like this process to go much faster.

Any enterprise users out there using Google Apps that can pipe in on this in the comments?

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