Google adding store interiors to Street View.

Google store view

Google store viewYou can get a great idea of an area that you’re going to be driving or walking in by taking a look at Street View.  But what lies beyond the velvet rope of the camera’s eye?  What’s inside of those businesses that you see in Street View?

It’s time to find out.

Google is on a photography mission, of sorts.  The mission starts with a selection of some 30 cities in the US, Australia and Japan, and takes applications from businesses that would like to have their store fronts and interiors photographed.

The project goes hand in hand with Google’s relaunch of Google Local as Google Places.  As the focus grows more onto the businesses, it seems only right to offer some interior shots of them.

Google interiorKeep watching Street View.  Soon you’ll be able to find out if that cool little shop downtown is as appealing inside as it is from the sidewalk.  It’s a project of fairly epic proportions, as over 4 million businesses are already listed on Google’s Local Business Center, but it seems that Google thrives on epic projects.

Via: Google LatLong

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