Google Purchases Yet Another Company

Google Purchases Yet Another Company

So what happens when Google lays claim to a small company?  That always remains to be seen.  But what if that company just happens to be staffed by some of the chief developers of the chips that go into the iPad and iPhone?  This is the stuff of rumor mill dreams.

We all know that Google is making a Chrome OS based tablet.  That’s been all over the Internet for months.  But as of yet, there’s been very little talk about the components that will go into it.

The only fact that we know is this: Google has just bought the hardware startup Agnilux.

Agnilux is a company that was formed after Apple bought out the processor maker P.A. Semi in 2008.  Some of the employees stayed with Apple, some jumped ship.  Many of those who jumped formed together to create Agnilux.

Nobody outside of the inner circle is certain what Agnilux has been building, though the New York Times thinks it might be a server.  But one thing is for sure: in order to catch Google’s eye right now, you can bet that whatever Agnilux has created is devastatingly big, at least in importance if not in size.

Stay tuned.  Chances are we’ll find out about the details of this purchase quite soon.  Especially if Google is planning on giving a certain handheld computer a run for its money.

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