Cloud Printing: How Google Plans To Revolutionize The Way We Print

Cloud Printing: How Google Plans To Revolutionize The Way We Print

A big question of any cloud-based OS is how it will handle local tasks such as printing.  Today, that question is answered.

Google’s Chromium blog goes in depth and gives two viable ways that printing will be handled in the cloud and through the cloud.

Traditional printers will work on a “through” basis, where the request will be sent to the cloud, then come back to a local printer.  Conversely, cloud-aware printers would use a model where the data is pushed to the printer from the cloud.

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There’s some discussion as to whether this is the most efficient manner, and of course some are concerned with security.  But when it comes to those of us who spend the vast majority of our time using online applications, this is a breakthrough.

Cloud printing would also allow for wireless printing from mobile devices, such as Android-based phones.  Further,  you could access your email or documents from any Internet connected computer and print your documents to an approved printer in a location of your choice.

Of course, Google being Google, we have a lovely graphic to help explain things:

Sounds to me like Chrome OS is going to change the way that travelers and road-warriors do white paper.

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