Google introduces Recipe rich Snippets

Google Recipe Snippets

Google Recipe SnippetsRecipe sites of the Internet, your time has come! Google has just introduced its 5th “rich snippet”, recipes.

Let’s say that you do a Google search for “Spring Rolls”. There are probably a thousand different recipes for the Asian favorite, but instead of having to dig though sites for a good one, Google will now provide a rich snippet that gives the recipe, plus user…err…eater ratings.

Webmasters, there are a few steps that you should take to enable recipe snippets to be gleaned from your site. According to the Google Webmaster Blog:

…you can get started now by marking up your recipes with microdata, RDFa, or the hRecipe microformat. To learn more, read our documentation on how to mark up recipe information or our general help articles on rich snippets for a more complete overview.”

The snippets look great, and I (as a devoted foodie) can’t wait to start using them.

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