Update: Google Checkout issue should be fixed for most merchants.

Pablos Holman speaking at The Next Web Conference 2011

Update at the bottom.

The Register is reporting that Google Checkout is unavailable for all UK customers.  Around the Internet, users from other countries are also reporting the outage on all UK stores running the payment option.

The Google Checkout forums for the UK show a wealth of complaints, with no official response yet from Google.  So far, the only response that we’ve seen is a quote on The Register from an unnamed Google spokesperson saying that Google will look into ongoing problems.

UPDATE: From the Google Checkout site

We are currently experiencing issues with the Google Checkout web interface. These issues do not affect your customer’s experience with checkout, or your ability to accept and process orders via our APIs. Please refer to http://goo.gl/Byi6 for additional details and updates.”

According to the posting in the link, the outage is caused by a recent server update, that is causing the 404 error to return for merchants who are attempting to log in to their Google Checkout page.  Google assures the merchants, however, that the user experience has not changed and that all payments are still going through as normal.

Update: According to Google, the issue should be resolved for most merchants.  For those that are still having problems, the issue should resolve soon.

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