Chrome Use Continues To Climb.

Chrome Use Continues To Climb.

Google ChromeeWeek reports that Google’s Chrome browser (are you using it yet?) has just passed the 6% mark in overall use.  Though both Firefox and Safari continued to grow, Chrome has even passed Safari in overall use as of March according to the latest stats over at Net Applications.

That growth to 6.1% overall marks a 0.5% gain since February.  If Chrome can pull to a full 1% gain per month, it will surpass 10% market share by August.

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We wrote on Chrome’s security back in March, and had huge response on both sides of the coin.  Many people claim their love of Chrome, while others were upset to not see more information on other alternative browsers, namely Opera.  (For what it’s worth, Opera holds 2.37% of the market, up 0.02% from March.)

What stands as your weapon of choice in the browser wars?  Have you used Chrome?  Why or why not?  Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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