Why Google Search will stay on Apple devices

Why Google Search will stay on Apple devices

Apple will keep Google on its devicesApple will build a search engine to replace Google on Apple devices.  The rumor mill has started.  In fact, it’s been running for a couple of weeks now.

Plausible?  Sure.  Likely?  No.  Alex, the editor for TNW US debunked the theory last week and we even talked about it on The Next Web Podcast.

The argument, for those not familiar, is this: Google is finding out what people search for when they use the default Google search function on their Apple devices.  The company is using this information to build devices that solve the problems of iPhone users since Google is now a player in the mobile market.  Apple might be feeling the crunch of competition and giving away some of its secrets, so it is looking for a way to replace Google.

But here are the facts:

  • Apple doesn’t have experience enough to build a search engine that would carry any competition for Google.
  • Even if Google Search weren’t native to the i-devices, nothing would stop people from changing that setting.
  • Partnering with and re-branding another search (Bing?) would be too dangerous because users want Google results.

There have been rumors about Bing taking over as the search provider for the iPhone, but I think that one major issue arises here.  Let me refresh your memory:

Mac versus PC

Users of Apple products simply do not want Microsoft.  No matter what you call it, Bing is a Microsoft product and Apple users know this.  It would be a foolish move on Apple’s part to think that their users would look past the Microsoft development of a product on their devices.

Will the face of search change on Apple devices?  Most likely.  Will that change cause a door to slam in Google’s face?  Probably not.  Apple is going to have to walk a fine line with this case, and you can be sure that Google will do everything in its power to solidify its position.

What are your thoughts?  Are you a Mac or iPhone user?  If so, what search do you prefer?  Your comments help us to keep a pulse on the news that’s important to you.

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