Google Announces Search Funnels: Puts Advertising Lingo into Plain English

Google Ad Innovations

Google Ad InnovationsThe trouble with advertising online is that most advertisers honestly do not understand the terms, what their definitions mean or how to use that information.  SEM, CPM, PPC, SEO and the like all get lost in a world of faceless acronyms, but they set the precedent for how businesses are supposed to purchase and optimize their advertising.

Google Analytics gives site owners their first real glimpse into a true traffic report, and starts to clear the confusion somewhat.  But even the information in Analytics is hard to understand for most businesses. A quick Google search for “analytics expert” returns literally thousands of sites for consultants on the product.  That alone should be enough to say that the results are far too complex.

Google’s newest product for its new Ad Innovations program, or as others have called it Labs for Ads, is called Search Funnels, which finally gives an in-depth look at customer behavior, without all of the associated acronyms.  What makes a customer click an ad?  How many times do they have to click before they purchase a product?  These questions are all answered in Search Funnels.

This video from the Ad Innovations site gives an overview of the product.

Search Funnels is in limited beta right now, which means that you can’t sign up for the service yet.  However, it will be available to some in their Adsense control panel.

Source: Ad Innovations Blog

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