Google Chrome Remains The Unhackable Browser

Google Chrome

Google ChromeTwo years, and this time around no attempts.  For the 2nd year in a row, Google Chrome has gotten through the Pwn2Own competition without being hacked.

The competition, which focuses on security holes in mainstream software, is in its 4th year. To commemorate the anniversary, total prize money this year was increased to $100,000, with $40,000 being allotted to the hacking of Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari browsers at $10,000 for the first hack on each respective software.

Google chalks up Chrome’s security to a method known as “sandboxing” where a single process is given as few rights as possible in order to do the task. Likewise, processes can not operate between tabs, therefore keeping each tab safely separated from the next.

This is good news, obviously, for those of us who love Chrome. If you’ve not tried it yet, perhaps you should. Based on the Webkit open-source project, Chrome has proven itself to be a robust and very fast browser. According to Net Marketshare, Chrome continues to gain users at a rapid pace.

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