Google Continues Anti-censorship Movement in Australia

Australian Government

Australian GovernmentAccording to this document, written by Google, hosted on the Australian Government’s website, Google is criticizing the manner in which Australia is handling Internet content restriction.

The document plainly suggests that all users should have equal and unrestricted access to content, stating “our [Google’s] primary concern is that the scope of content to be filtered is too wide”.

Google goes on to say that “at Google we have a bias in favour of people’s right to free expression. While we recognise that protecting the free exchange of ideas and information cannot be without some limits, we believe that more information generally means more choice, more freedom and ultimately more power for the individual”.

Though the Australian Government’s intentions appear to have the best interest of the good of the people in mind, their plan for ISP filtering leaves many with warranted concern.

It would appear that Google’s recent move in China was only a logical next step for the company that many are claiming has broken new ground in government versus business relations.

The article runs some 25 pages, and is a rather good read, containing some clarification behind the Google ethos.  What is your take?  Has Google overstepped its bounds, or is the company within its rights?

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